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What Is The Best Juice Cleanse? Life Juice.

Nutrient dense.

The juices in our cleanse are completely raw and cold-pressed.  They contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than juices made from traditional pressing methods, which allow nutrient diminishing heat and oxygen to seep in.  And you get at least five pounds of produce in every bottle.



Life Juice was rated the #1 tasting juice cleanse by the Huffington Post and our juices received 4.5 stars from BevNET, the leading source for the beverage industry.  Oh, and customers are always sending us love letters and leaving nice posts on Facebook about just how tasty we are.



We use organic and locally sourced when available, non-GMO produce for our juices. To prevent leaching and minimize resources, they are bottled in PETE #1 plastic.  And to further minimize our carbon footprint, all of our remaining vegetable and fruit pulp is all recycled or composted.



The Life Juice Cleanse is a comprehensive program that works!  You may experience all kinds of benefits, from increased energy and mental clarity to weight loss and enhanced immunity.†



Best of all, our juice cleanse is delivered right to your door. No mess, no prep, no fuss.  Just visit our Shop page and schedule your delivery.



When your juice cleanse ends, Life Juice is still by your side.  You can purchase our juices  to help you maintain and reap all the amazing benefits of juicing - they make a great on-the-go meal or snack!

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