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HPP Juice – Delicious Raw HPP Juices From Life Juice

HPP (high pressure processing) is revolutionizing juice.  And Life Juice is part of this incredible cutting edge technology.


Life Juice - a HPP pioneer.

Life Juice is an industry innovator.  We use the revolutionary HPP process.  This amazing technology allows us to retain the wonderful benefits of raw juice – both taste and nutrition – increase food safety, and extend shelf life.


How HPP works:

Most juices are heat pasteurized to ensure safety and extend the shelf lives.  But pasteurization comes at a price – the diminishment of taste, color, aroma and nutritional benefits.  HPP allows all of those things to stay intact and at the same time enhance food safety and increase shelf life. Instead of heat, HPP uses high pressure at a chilled temperature during the final packaging stage to inhibit microflora growth in fresh food.  This is an external process – the juices themselves are never touched so they remain raw.


HPP is truly the best of both worlds!



Life Juice's HPP bottled juice is available for delivery throughout the United States.






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